This is my story of how the most powerful Psychedelic known to man helped me quit a 6 year smoking habit, which I had tried many times to get rid of with no success.

Before DMT

I started my first year of University studying Medicinal Chemistry and during my first year I started smoking, drinking, partying and living the Student life. It was the funnest, most event filled year of my life.

The smoking habit gradually picked up momentum and by my final year I was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day. I finished University and went back again to study Economics and was accepted at a Technological University in Singapore for my 2nd year. This was an extremely stressful year for me and I found myself smoking close to 40 a day! It was insane.

Once I returned to London from Singapore, I decided to quit. I tried everything, patches, hypnotherapy, going cold turkey, meditation, electric cigarettes, you name it! Nothing worked, I found myself always going back, especially on nights out where I would drink alcohol. There was no end to it.

I began coughing a lot, had problems breathing, it was really becoming a health concern for me. This went on for another year, until one night I came across DMT.

And Then DMT Found Me

After having researched DMT for over 2 years, I finally got my hands on some. I loaded the pipe, picked up the lighter and inhaled. I held the smoke in for about 8 seconds, exhaled and took a 2nd hit. At this point I don’t actually remember how long I kept the smoke in. As I inhaled, I felt like I was sinking in to the fabric of time and everything around me began to speed up. I had completely lost any interest in whether I was breathing or not, I was gasping at the beautiful geometric shapes that were coming at me from all directions.

I stared at amazement at the beautiful colours emanating from my fingertips like laser beams, colours that I have no names for. After a while I began to hear a buzzing sound coming at me from behind me. The sound got closer and closer and my surroundings began to dissipate in to darkness, everything broke apart like a computer simulation and dissolved in to nothingness! I was left in darkness with a high pitch sound getting closer and closer to the centre of my head from what felt like miles away.

The sound finally reached the centre of my head and instantly I was thrown in to pure silence. No visuals, no sounds, no sensations, no connections to the real world, no worries, just pure existence. It was the most beautiful experience of my life, I can only describe it as being the ultimate oneness of creation.

After what felt like eternity I began to see a ghostly figure approach me. She was made out of light and had no immediate features that I can put in to words, I just ‘knew’ she was a Female Goddess of some sort. She came close to me and almost  sat on my chest and whispered “you are ill. You need help”.

I don’t remember much, when I came back it had faded like a dream. But after she spoke those words, I got the feeling she was healing me, my body felt almost cool and I don’t remember much more.

I remember opening my eyes and being in shock. I couldn’t believe what I had seen, I checked my heart to make sure I’m still alive and was happy to find my heart rate was normal and beating just fine.

After The Trip

My first instinct was to reach for a cigarette. I took out a Marlborough Light, put it to my lips and lit it. I hadn’t even inhaled when I gagged violently and began coughing up flew. I took a drink of water and suddenly the smoke from the cigarette hit my nose. I felt completely ill to my stomach, I don’t have the words to describe how disgusted I felt. I put it out straight away.

A couple of days passed and myI realised I hadn’t smoked a single cigarette. It had not occurred to me at any point that there was something strange going on. I merely ‘forgot’ to smoke!

2 days became 1 week, became 1 month, became 1 year and now its been almost 3 years, I haven’t touched a single cigarette. Even when I drink, I have zero cravings. Even the thought of it makes me sick.

Its an amazing experience for me, it goes to show that there is so much out there we know nothing about. Whether you believe it was a coincidence (!) or that the entity was a figment of my own imagination or Goddess from the 6th Dimension, it makes no difference. The bottom line is that substances such as DMT have the power to heal. How it does it can be something we can find out through research and scientific analysis.

Spread the word, help legalise psychedelics for the purposes of Scientific Research.

If you enjoyed this article, you may enjoy my videos on my Trip Tamine YouTube Channel. I was encouraged to open this channel after this amazing experience and it grew from there. I have a few videos on my experiences with DMT and Psychedelics, as well as other bits and bobs.