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Why Commercial Dog Food is Killing Your Dog & How You Can Save Them TODAY

Why Commercial Dog Food is Killing Your Dog & How You Can Save Them TODAY

Did you know that unlike the Human Food Industry, the Dog Food Industry is unregulated? Meaning that food manufacturers can put anything into their products and sell them to you legally.

It shouldn’t be of any surprise then to find Commercial dog foods contain only approximately 1 teaspoon worth of meat in each can. The rest is grains, carbohydrates and artificial additives, all of which your Dog cannot digest and has absolutely zero nutritional value.

Many Commercially Available Pet Foods Can Destroy Your Pet’s Health

For the curious of you out there, here is where that 1 teaspoon of meat found in commercial dog food comes from:

  • Euthanised pets (including other Dogs)
  • Supermarket meat which has passed its expiry date (thrown in with the plastic packaging)
  • Animal waste (such as feet, hooves, brain, hair, etc)
  • And honestly… Who really knows what else

If like me and many pet owners, your best friend is an equal member of your family. And just like the other members of your household, you want to give your dog every opportunity to prosper and grow old having lived a healthy fulfilling life. Would you feed your child McDonald’s for Lunch & Supper every day for the rest of their life? If the answer is No, then there is no reason why you should feed your Dog the equivalent.

The hard truth here is that feeding your dog processed dog food, whether it’s dried, tinned or in a pouch is causing them serious, possibly fatal, harm. Most of the symptoms may not show for years, but once they do the outcome can in most cases become a chronic issue you and your dog will need to face.

It is no secret now days that our health and diet are intimetly connected.  This same principle applies to dogs and every other species on this beautiful Earth. But what is the best, most biologically appropriate diet for dogs?

The diet your dog should be eating is that of a grey wolf in the wild

The dog and grey wolf are essentially the same species and so closely related that they can interbreed. They both share the same digestive system and essentially the same diet.

Grey wolves living in the wild live on prey such as rabbits, deer and mice, it’s important to note that they eat everything, including the bones and organs, from which they get about a third of their nutrition. Also included on the wolf menu is fruit and vegetables.

In short, their diet consists of raw meat, raw bones and raw herbage. This, in a nutshell, is the same diet your dog should be fed for optimum health.

Common symptoms associated wth the consumption of commercial pet foods includes (but not limited to):

  • Diarrhea
  • Increased gas
  • Dull and brittle coat
  • Intermittent vomiting
  • Prolonged scratching
  • Behaviour problems
  • Hot spots and bald patches

What should you feed your Dog for optimal health without breaking the bank

Dogs eating a natural, raw food diet can be expected to live longer and suffer less illness and disease. usually reducing Vet visits by 80% or more in most cases. With my own experience, I was able to fully reverse my dogs Type 2 Diabetes in under 2 years, beating the vet’s life expectancy of 2 years by over 5 years!

‘Miracles’ like this are common when switching to a Raw BARF Diet.
A balanced diet would include Lean Muscle Meat and Organs from Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Rabbit and Fatty Fish, for example, Salmon and Sardines.
Also included should be Plants and Vegetables such as Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach and Red Pepper. Fresh and dried Fruits are also recommended, however, some fruit such as Grapes can be poisonous to Dogs.

Dogs on a natural diet are calmer, more attentive, easier to train and generally better behaved. They suffer less disease, live longer, smell nicer and produce less waste matter. Another advantage is that feeding your dog a Raw Diet will work out around 50% cheaper and will bring you joy each time you see your best friends face light up with excitement at dinner time.

So why not consider switching today? Download my Free 3 Part eVideo Kickstarter guide today and give your best friend the quality of life they deserve.

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