Yes, on December 10th 2015, at around 11pm GMT a video began to flood the internet showing Stanley Kubrick in a 1999 interview, which he supposedly did 3 days before he’s death. In this interview Kubrick was seen admitting to faking the 1969 Moon Landing![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]I initially found the interview on Mark Sargent’s YouTube channel and immediately had it up on my own channel with added commentary added to the beginning. Not long after, I found a few anomalies with the interview and within 30 minutes of re-uploading the interview to my channel I was already recording a 2nd video warning my viewers that the video may be a fake!

I dont normally upload anything to my channel unless I do the required research myself and confirm the legitimacy of the article/report. I do however on occasions make mistakes and like any other human being get over excited at times. On this occasion you could say I was over the moon (no pun intended) when I saw the interview on Mark Sargent’s channel, and Mark being one of the more prominent Flat Earth researchers out there, I expected him to have done at least a bit more research than me, and hence uploaded the video without checking the facts first.

After realising the anomalies with the interview, I decided to check back on Mark’s channel and found that he had pulled the video down.

Video Anomalies

There were many anomalies with the video, which I noticed. Events and movies were referenced that had not appeared/took place until after Kubrick’s passing, the interviewer didn’t sound genuine, Kubrick didn’t look like Kubrick and evidence of CGI manipulation in the video were apparent.

I decided to make a 2nd video explaining my doubts about the interview and to warn my viewers to do their own digging and not take my previous upload as fact.

Why I think this is strange?

I find it peculiar that the Flat Earth movement should suddenly pop out of nowhere, NASA begins to get sloppy, releasing extremely fake looking images and videos on a daily basis, bombarding the public with stories of outer space and comets that sound more like science fiction than reality. It feels almost as if NASA wants to get caught, maybe this was the plan from the very beginning, to have NASA be the fall guy in all of this, who knows, the signs sure do point that way.

The recent Kubrick hoax has CIA finger prints all over it, from the one eye symbolism throughout the interview, to the way the script was written. If you are familiar with the lies that we have been told over the years, you should be able to sniff out the wolf as soon as it breathes.

Why would someone spend the time and money to put such an interview together? Who is the Kubrick look-alike? Could he be a Clone? What was the motive behind it? To make conspiracy theorists and NASA deniers look nuts? To plant a seed in peoples mind? To admit the truth without admitting the truth? We already know the ruling elite love turning things upside down, making black white and making white black, good evil and evil good…

I am still getting comments on the videos from people who believe the footage is real. I found this very strange and began looking at other videos posted online and found the exact same pattern on all uploads. There seems to be a debate brewing about whether its real or fake, even though its clearly obvious that the footage is NOT genuine.

Why do people still choose to believe this to be real? Is someone pushing an agenda? Are they trying to push this interview as the real thing? I don’t know to be honest but what I do know is that there seems to be an agenda behind this. I don’t believe this video was made viral for a laugh.

The only thing that makes me doubt, is the fact that the interview was posted to several other online channels up to 4 months ago. Why then has it just gone viral? Many things surrounding the events taking place do not add up.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]I wanted to put this article up to bring both videos together and give you a more thorough explanation about my thoughts on the interview. I will update this article if I come across any new information or should I have something else to add.

What do you think is going on?