Starting over
decoding reality

This world is a lot stranger than I could ever have imagined. I’m starting with a clean slate, questioning everything, including the shape of the Earth. We live in a prison made of lies and coded with numbers. God has abandoned us and Satan is in control.
The only way to be free is to Know & to Love Knowledge.

Psychedelics, Gematria and the Flat Earth are the areas in which I spend most of my time researching. I have been researching Psychedelics & the Flat Earth for quite some time now, Gematria on the other hand is a new venture for me.


I run 2 YouTube Channels & 2 other Websites

Trip Tamine

This channel is dedicated to my experiences with and around Psychedelics

Insanity is Sanity

My research and ideas on the Flat Earth are hosted on this channel

Spirit Molecule

This website is an online community for Psychanuts who want to explore the amazing world of Psychedelics

The Flat World

An online community for Flat Earth Researchers to share ideas and carry out experiments

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