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19th November 2015/Website Announcements/5 min. read

My first post

After 2 weeks of working on the different ideas I had for my website and finally getting down to putting it all together, I am happy to announce its completion. I have been working hard to start this project and I’m over the moon to finally be able to start.

It’s quite late and I have been sitting in front of the computer all day working on the website, I would say 12+ hours! I wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t bring myself to opening the website up without any content. Sure, I could have waited until tomorrow but why wait?

What next?

Well, I continue my journey of self exploration as well as exploring the world in which I reside. Care to join me?

Why the website?

I started off on YouTube, but every truth seeker knows that YouTube is not your friend! I created this website because I felt it could help with my research, especially with Gematria, where I will need a place to collect my thoughts and share them with others. YouTube is a good platform but its limited, a personal website can greatly improve ones work.

What to expect from this website?

The aim of this website is not to sell a product or offer a service, its purely a tool for myself, which I can use to both share my thoughts with others and to help make my research easier.

I will be referencing videos I make on YouTube, clarifying topics I cover in more detail, or going back and correcting myself should I come across new evidence I did not have at the time of making my video(s).

I will also be writing articles on topics I may or may not create YouTube videos for. Topics I will be covering include Psychedelics, the Flat EarthMandela EffectNASADMT and Gematria. During my time on YouTube I have realised the limited capacity of a video and the amount of information that can be clearly conversed on such a platform. Sometimes text and images speak much louder!

After looking in to the amazing work that Zach B Hubbard has done with Gematria, I decided to give it a try myself and have been amazed from the very first second I began looking in to it. I have Zach to thank for introducing me to this and for all the hard work he has done over the years to bring this information to the public, without him this would not be possible today, so thank you Zach.

If you enjoy my videos on YouTube and are interested in following me with the work I plan to do here, please show your support by subscribing to my YouTube channel and registering here on the website. By registering you will be able to make comments on all my posts and sharing your ideas with me. I have learnt SO MUCH from my viewers who comment on my videos and send me messages and in all honesty, without them I probably would not be where I am today.

Thank you for sticking around to the end, I look forward to making more posts here and speaking to all you on the other side. If you haven’t already checked out my other websites, please take a look, you might find them interesting. The first one is the Spirit Molecule website I started back in 2014, which focuses on Psychedelics and Psychedelic Research and the other is The Flat World, which I started around mid 2015. The main focus of The Flat World is to bring Flat Earth researchers together in one place where they can share ideas, analyse data and start experiments/test and share with others, who can in turn submit results.


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  • (Author) Amir / 20th November 2015 /

    Why not register so you can comment on posts and share your ideas with me? I would love to hear from you all. The link for Registering is at the top of the page on the right hand side of the Header.

  • Jorravn / 23rd November 2015 /

    Looking forward to the journey ahead. Thaks for this.

    • (Author) Amir / 24th November 2015 /

      Thank you for the support brother. Means the world 🙂

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