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Welcome to the New Website (Relaunch)

Welcome to the New Website (Relaunch)

After many sleepless nights, I have completely redesigned my website from scratch. A new model, a new idea, a new beginning and today I’m happy to announce that my new website has been (re)launched. I have put a lot of hard work into redesigning the whole thing, with the objective of moving forward with a solid plan, to more regularly update the website and produce some amazing content for you guys in the future.

After I launched this website back in 2015 I didn’t bother much to keep it running and up to date, my main focus was put into my YouTube channels and other personal development work. Not much time was left for the website.

I have come a long way since and have built a road ahead of myself so exciting I want to share as much of it with the world as I can. I have a lot of ideas on where I want to go with this website. Mainly I want to share my experiences on a deeper level with my friends (you) and to bring to the world.

The website has a completely new look to complement the new path. I hope you enjoy, and please make sure you register (free) and engage with myself and others on the website as we all grow together 🙂

If you truly enjoy my work, please consider supporting me by making a donation, every little helps.

Whats Coming

I will be writing more articles and sharing my research more through my website.

Previously my main focus was YouTube, now it will be the Website.

Psychedelics, Self Actualization and Self Development will be amongst the topics I will be sharing with you all, as well as my views on the World, its Creator(s) and its Beauty.

The 33 Show

I am also happy to announce that The 33 Show will be making a come back. I have a few great guests lined up, including Marty Leeds 33, so do make sure you Subscribe on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

If you want to appear as Guest on the show please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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