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Flat Earth & News Show Episode 1 Airs!

Flat Earth & News Show Episode 1 Airs!
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A few days ago I was sitting around bored out of my head and came up with the idea of putting together a weekly summery of the weeks relevant News and going on’s within the Flat Earth Community.

There is so much going on every day and it gets hard to keep up with everything. We sometimes end up missing great information put out because we simply didnt know about it.

Even I cant keep up with everything but I do like to think I’m aware of most of the more important topics that get covered. So I thought I could both help others stay in the loop and have a laugh at the same time. Thats the main idea behind the episodes.

The first Episode was rushed if I’m to be honest, I wasn’t sure if people would like it and so kept it pretty short and sweet. The feedback over that past 24 hours has been positive though, thank you all. Since you guys liked it I think I will continue it and do a weekly episode trying to put in information that I come across, which I find interesting and worth knowing about. Add in a bit of humour and keep you posted on the going ons within the FE community too.
Thanks for watching guys, I look forward to putting the 2nd episode together, I’m thinking I’ll make Flat Earth the main focus of the videos and add ‘Other News’ as secondary. Let me know what you think 🙂


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