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Flat Earth on Your Wrist

Flat Earth on Your Wrist
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Being a gadget nerd, I picked up the Samsung Gear S2 along with the S7 Edge a few months ago. The Gear S2 has got to be my favourite purchase of the year. I’m extremely happy with it, apart from one minor problem….

The Samsung Gear S2 (for those not aware) is a Smart Watch, beautifully designed and put together in the most elegant way, packed with all the features you would need in a watch! Most fun of all, it allows you to install custom Watch Faces, and I found myself constantly looking for the perfect watch face, and being left disappointed. This is not to say that there are no watch faces out there worth wearing, its just that as a Flat Earther I wanted something closer to home… A flat earth watch face.

I decided to design my perfect watch face myself. I mean, why not? Its now the only watch face I wear, I haven’t changed it once since installing it and I get compliments everywhere I go, even from Globe heads. So I decided to share my creation with the world.

I designed 2 watch faces, a Dark Blue for Him and a Light Blue for Her.

The watch faces come with fully animated Stars, Sun and Moon, all synced to the Second. Please note that the orbit of the Sun/Moon is not accurate, I wanted something that had a more pleasing visual impact. I do plan to introduce a combined design in future updates, where all watch faces will be included in a single download, with the ability to change the Orbits of the Sun/Moon/Stars and more…

The watch faces are currently awaiting approval from Samsung and should be cleared in a few days. Once approved, they will be available to download for Free on the Samsung Market. You will need to own a Samsung Gear smart watch to use them. I am also in the process of exporting the designs to other Smart Watches (running Android), so if you own anything other than a Samsung smart watch DON’T DESPAIR. The watch faces will be available to you too.

Join my Facebook page to keep up to date on the release date.

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