The Dinosaur Hoax

28th August 2016/Evolution & Dinosaurs/1 Comment/14 min. read

"Lol you are a anti science idiot that needs to commit suicide. I bet you…

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The Jesuits

28th July 2016/The Jesuits (Ruling Elite)/1 Comment/7 min. read

I received a lot of positive feedback after mirroring the interview on Sage of Quays…

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The Jesuits

10th July 2016/The Jesuits (Ruling Elite)/2 Comments/110 min. read

Who are those behind the curtains pulling the strings? When we speak of the New…

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There Is No Future

13th May 2016/Spirituality & Awakening/0 Comments/2.5 min. read

Just a short clip for today. I hope this motivates you today to live your…

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Flat Earth on Your Wrist

3rd May 2016/Flat Earth/0 Comments/2 min. read

Being a gadget nerd, I picked up the Samsung Gear S2 along with the S7…

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The 33 Show – Episode #1 With Nathan Oakley

13th February 2016/Flat Earth/1 Comment/1 min. read

After a long wait I finally decided to start the 33 Show, which I had…

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Flat Earth & News Show

26th December 2015/Comedy/0 Comments/1 min. read

A few days ago I was sitting around bored out of my head and came…

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The Stanley Kubrick Hoax is Quite Strange

12th December 2015/Moon Landing/0 Comments

A strange aura surrounds this event, which lit up the online conspiracy community on Dec…

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How DMT Helped Me Quit My Addiction

30th November 2015/DMT/0 Comments

This is my story of how the most powerful Psychedelic known to man helped me…

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The 33 Show

23rd November 2015/Website Announcements/0 Comments

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of starting a small podcast/show…

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Website Open

19th November 2015/Website Announcements/3 Comments/5 min. read

After 2 weeks of working on the different ideas I had for my website and…

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