A Strange Illuminati Website Pops Up With A Countdown To Sep 14

Hoax or Something Else?

10th September 2016/The Jesuits (Ruling Elite)/6 min. read

BadSelfEater, A very strange website has appeared, showing a timer counting down to September 14th. The page has a background image displaying a dollar note with some strange symbolic images embedded and an eery music playing in the background.

I have managed to get in to the page source code and pull the images out in full resolution, there were also a couple of hidden images in the folder which I have also pulled out and saved here.

Since the appearance of this website, a lot of researchers have jumped on to decoding the messages. The website seems to be updating itself with different images as the timer ticks down to September 14th. Many of the images collected have been attached below, as well as videos by researchers who are covering this event.

What do you think this is? Advertisement for a video game or something else?


Websites to Check

The BadSelfEater Website

ThankMrTeeth Facebook Page

WeAreChange.Org is also covering this mystery

Reddit conversations regarding the website can be found here

An eBay listing has also appeared on the BadSelfEater eBay listing page, for an item priced at $10000. It has the following description and 1 answered question from someone:

Supposedly from MrTeeth: “If you are visiting this listing, you understand the details of the item and it’s significance. Please dig deeper into the countdown, images, posts, forums (4chan/arfcom/reddit). The price is to garner your interest and curiosity and to prepare for the happening.”

Q: You have a picture of the United States with the Beast bills distributed throughout is that where the nukes will go off?

A: The countdown has begun, the end is nigh! ”

Strange! What do you think? The listing can be found here.

Below is a Playlist compiled by For Yahweh covering the mystery being discussed.


As we get closer to September 14th, the website page seems to be filling up with the colour representing Blood.. Red!

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