The Dinosaur Hoax

An Absurd Fallacy

28th August 2016/Evolution & Dinosaurs/14 min. read

“Lol you are a anti science idiot that needs to commit suicide. I bet you think we come from dirt.” – Elmar Maria

So after releasing a video back in September title “The Truth About Everything in 1 Minute”, in which I claimed Dinasours never existed I received a lot of questions, amongst the hateful dribble asking me why I think that.

“This bitch does not even know anything!” – Sana Ali

I also received messages from extremely intellectual individuals, most of whom hold Doctorates in a wide range of topics, like Sana Ali, CoolHardLogic, Jay Hamill and Elmar Maria, who had these great points and arguments to contribute:

Everyday YouTube Abuse

Everyday YouTube Abuse

“Retard imbred piece of shit.” – Jay Hamill

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The Dinosaur Hoax is an Absurd Fallacy
24 August 2016
Insanity is Sanity

As you can see I was up against a lot of really clever individuals, so I decided to make a quick video and give you (and them) an easy to digest overview of why the theory of dinasours is completley absurd and that there are more scientific anomalies in the theory of dinosaurs than there are evidence that these magical creatures roamed the earth millions of years ago.

Are you ready? Lets begin…

To the Left is an image of an Elephant. Elephants eat a plant based diet and on average weigh around 6 tons. Each elephant that is born must eat for approximately 18 hours per day, every day, in order to stay alive.

The image below to the Right is of a Brontosaurus, also eats a plant based diet and weights up to 10 times more than an elephant. In order for IT to survive, it would so need to eat for 180 hours per day, in order to survive.

Believe it or not, even in those times there was only 24 hours in one day.

It could be argued that these creatures did not need to eat for 180 hours per day but would in fact merely eat much faster! This would not have worked either however, as eating at that rate would only strengthen the argument for there not have been enough vegetation to provide food for all the animals on the land.

Even if the Brontosaurus swollowed its food without chewing it, did not sleep EVER and spent all its time eating, it would still come nowhere close to the level it would need to sustain itself.

The fact that these plant eating dinasours would’nt have been able to sustain themselves isnt even the main problem. That would be the shortage of food and water on the lands to allow a natuaral flow between the dinasours and plants.

Australian rabbits vs Dino’s

Australian rabbits have been known to wreck havoc on large tracts of vegetation and cause the extinction of many species of plants. Consider the effect of just these tiny creatures. Now consider the daily consumption of one single plant-eating dinosaur. At 13 tons, a Mamenchisaurus, similar to a Brontosaurus, would have to have eaten 1,150 pounds of vegetation per day. This is probably equivalent to about 10,000 rabbits, maybe more.

But what about all those skeletons?

Now, lets talk about the fact that A full skeleton of a dinosaur has never been found – not even close to one.

You go to a museum and you see dinosaur skeletons. At least, you think you do. You see, those dinosaurs are mixture of various things ranging from chicken bones, to random bones, to straight plaster casts. Not even the teeth are real. Various bones have been found that have been claimed to be a part of a dinosaur.

However, no dinosaur skeleton has ever been found. The only few that have been, have long proved to be a hoax. As a result, the only way to make a dinosaur skeleton for a museum is to, quite literally make it. That is, they have to create what they think it might look like by filling in 99% of the bones with other things to make what they think the whole thing would look like.

However, it is most probable that the few bones that have been found belonged to other animals. Thus, what you see in a museum is nothing more than an artist’s rendition of what they think those dinosaurs could look like if they existed. If they put in a skeleton of a dragon, you would probably believe that too.


What is Presupposition?

“Presupposition is a philosophical term of a thing understood without being openly expressed and assumed beforehand at the beginning of a line of argument or course of action.”

In philosophy, any presupposed arguments are usually dismissed.

The theory of dinasours is a presupposed argument, so basically, the IDEA of dinosaurs was imagined on one fine day, and THEN scientists attempted to search for evidence to prove what they first imagined to exist!

This is not science! The scientific method dictates:

“that in order to assume a valid scientific notion, it must first be discovered, and only then create the theories based only on the scientific fact.”

Instead, however, dinosaurs were first imagined, and then entire skeletons were designed by creative artists; and after they had what they thought might exist, they went out and tried to find evidence to support their theory. Anytime a bone is found in a remote area, a guy in sandles pops up out of nowhere and and decides, “well, this might be similar to what I imagined a dinosaur bone would look like, so it must be what im looking for“, while that bone could very likely belong to another animal altogether.

So, to answer the original question…

Could dinosaurs have existed millions of years ago on earth? Maybe from a games standpoint.

But is it probable? Not based on science as we know it, No.

There you have it folks, some basic common sense can go a long way. Dont forget to watch the full video in the top right of this article, or go to my YouTube page.

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