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22nd December 2015/Flat Earth/2 min. read

Before The Idea

Not long after I started my Flat Earth geared YouTube Channel, I had the idea for a website, which I immediately began working on.

The website took about 5 months to complete, as I was working on my own, putting it together from the ground up, developing the backend as well as every pixel on the front end.

The Website

The idea behind The Flat World Website is simple. I wanted a central place where we could all work together and collect all the Evidence we need. Not only that, but I wanted a place where anyone could come and voice their opinions, ask questions and find answers. I wanted a community based portal, no censorship, no lies, just people from around the world, looking for answers together.

The website is currently divided up in to 3 sections, we also have 6 main Categories under each section, these include Flat Earth ModelGlobe Earth Model, Concave Earth Model, Moon, Sun and Sky & Firmament. 

Evidence and Observations

This section focuses on collecting Evidence, Observations, Analysis, Explanations and theories on anything to do with the Models covered on the website. So as an example, MrThriveAndSurvives theory on how the Moon functions could be considered an idea/theory and could be posted in this section of the website for others to review and comment on.

Counter Evidence can also be added to this section, meaning that someone could post content to this section which is counter evidence to something else posted to the website (debunk).


This section focuses on collecting Anomalies from around the world. For example, the Moon and Sun being in the sky at the same time, strange happenings in the sky or weird curvature footage! Members are allowed to attach Videos and Images to their posts and add Tags/Categories to make it easier for others to find their uploads.

Tests & Results

This section is simple, members are able to start their own Tests, requesting certain information, adding Images, Video and instructions on how their Test works. Others are then able to submit Test Results to any test added to the website. Making it easy to collect Test Results for future reference.

As an example, one of the tests currently added to the website focuses on measuring the Curvature of the earth.

What Happened?

Immediately after opening the website to everyone it went under attack from various spoofed IP Addresses pointing to every country, mainly Israel! Not long after it was hacked, as well as my YouTube channel.

I was also personally being attacked and attempts to smear my name were made, including videos being made showing fake Messages that were apparently sent from my account, which never did. Not long after, many of the clues started to connect and I started receiving information and evidence on who was involved in the attacks. My investigations led me to believe that the same person responsible for the attacks on my website and YouTube account is the same person who made videos about me, lying and faking messages. His name? CoolHardLogic. The epitome of scum. I am still in correspondence with YouTube and will be taking further action soon, including releasing a video on the topic.

The Flat World Front Page

maybe I should change the website background and remove that curve!

What Now?

I didnt let the abuse stop me though. If anything it motivated me 200 fold. I took the website down and started from scratch. I rented a Dedicated Server and upped the security. I also changed the CMS and took every precaution I could. The website is now up again and running better than ever.

Not only does the website look much better, it also functions like a dream. There is a beautiful Forum in place where members can discuss anything they like, there are Community features in place, including the ability to Follow members, complete your Member Profile, Send Private Messages and much much more.

Members are also able to upload content to any of the sections and comment on content uploaded by others. I am constantly working on improving current features and implementing new ones. The website will be growing rapidly and improving on a daily basis, so make sure you come on over to The Flat World and check us out, become part of the community and say hello to us in the Forums.

For any of you with an interest in Psychedelics and Entheogen’s, you may like to take a look at my other website, Spirit Molecule. I started this website over 1 year ago, the story behind this one is for another day.

Thank you all so much for the support, it means the world, the flat world.

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